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iPhone 11 price in USA and iphone 11 features

iPhone 11 price in USA and iPhone 11 features

hi, everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and the iPhone 11 is finally here. this is the new green color there are a bunch of other colors as well including a new purple color and it starts at 50 dollars less than last year’s Apple iPhone 11 unlocked price in the USA.

so $6.99 seven forty-nine and eight forty-nine that will get you 64 128 or 256 gigabytes. this is the 128-gigabyte model. so let’s go ahead and unbox it and take a look now.

iPhone 11 price in USA
iPhone 11 price in the USA

the Box matches depending on which phone you get so you can see it says iPhone. its got that mint green color but thankfully Apple calls it green.

you’ll see it the 128-gigabyte model like I said let’s go ahead and open it up well take the box top off. this isn’t quite as tight-fitting as it has been in the past.

Apple iPhone 11 128gb price in USA  and features

so there is the phone itself so there is plastic on the front but not on the back so that kind of interesting they have just left undone and they’ve cut the box out to match the camera bump and the camera looks a lot better in person than the dummy models.

I had earlier this is a glossy back but the glass around the camera is not glossy so its kind of a matte finish. I kind of liked it although that still does look like a face. let’s see whats in the box here.

how much will the iPhone 11 cost in the USA? so in the box, you’ve got a Hello Guide here you’ve got sim card removal tool a little warranty card and then you’ve got your Apple stickers.

iPhone 11 features

I wish they match the phones but maybe in the future, they’ll do that now. we do have the 5-watt charger in this box.

so the 11 comes with the 5 watts I m not sure why they needed to do that but they did and then you’ve got some Wired ear pods that have the lightning cable on them.

so those come with it if you don’t have air pods or a different set of headphones that you like and then you’ve got your lightning to USB cable as we get with everything.

lets set that aside and take a closer look at the phone itself so here are the phone lets peel off the front cover. so the phone feels very much the same as last year’s ten are and the ten are for comparison you can see.

they look the same except for the dual cameras and size-wise they’re identical. you can see here that the power buttons are in the same place the volume buttons are in the same place as well as the silent switch and the displays are the same as well.

so if we turn this on well wait for it to boot up we have stereo speakers and they should have a little bit wider sound now.

so that part may be a little bit nicer and of course we have a new processor in here we have a 13 Bionic chipset with about 4 gigs of RAM on the pro model.

iPhone 11 pro unique features

so we’ll have to see what it is on this model now. Ill set this up in just a moment but this display isn’t any different than last year.

so it’s still the 6.1-inch liquid Retina display 1792 by 828 with a pixel resolution of 326pixels per inch that’s the same as the iPhone 8. so the pixel density is the same and most people don’t notice a difference with this display.

let’s go ahead and set it up so we’ll wait for the other phone. now you have to put in the passcode from the other phone no. I will say that the bezels on this phone do look large just like they did with the XR.

you usually get used to this pretty quickly especially if you have a case on your phone because the case normally comes over the side slightly. so it is not a problem but for some people that may annoy you.

features for iPhone 11 pro max

if you’re coming from say an iPhone X for example. so I’ll set up face ID face IDs complete. Ill transfer data directly from my XR to this one. now the rear cameras get a pretty big update this year.

they have dual 12-megapixel sensors that are all new and then we have an ultra-wide f 2.4 and a wide F1.8. we also have the capability for 4k 60p with extended dynamic range.

we can only do that at 30 P last year the front-facing camera gets an equally large upgrade with a 12-megapixel sensor F 2.2 lens which is a little bit wider.

it can also record in 4k 60 but also gets that extended dynamic range only up to 30 frames per second. now you can see it looks just like an XR. it has haptic touch the screen is good for most people and honestly, this is the phone most people should get.

features of iPhone 11 pro

I do like how they’ve moved the Apple logo to the center, of course, you have the new cameras and the new cameras are pretty.

a pretty big deal they should be much better if we swing it around here you’ll see there’s a photo. here’s portrait mode and we should have4k video recording as well from the front camera.

let me go back to the rear camera and you’ll go back to the rear camera here and if I zoom out. now we have an ultra-wide and you can see the 11pro and Promax there and I’ll have a separate video for that but you’ll see it looks pretty good.

I mean I captured a lot of whats in the background here there’s my iMac pro on the stand with the keyboard and the detail is okay.

it is not super bright light in here it’s not outdoors but its decent light for video of course and again we’ve got that new high key light mono if you haven’t seen that it is removing the camera.

you’ll see the camera flashing in and out of there it’s removing the camera and making everything white in the background.

iPhone 11 price in USA with the best features

so that’s kind of interesting now as far as wallpaper we do have some new wallpaper if we go in to choose the new wallpaper we’ve got some new live wallpaper.

so people were concerned we wouldn’t have live wallpaper. let us go into this one and it says to press on the screen to see it animate. so its live wallpaper. we have a few new one’s areas of sand they match all of the different phones.

so if you have the green or you have the new purple again its live wallpaper. so you still get that with the haptics as well so those are new oh and they have light and dark mode versions that’s what they’re showing.

iPhone 11 price in USA features

here so if you’re not familiar with that you have dark mode turned on they’ll look a little bit different. so press and hold its not working.

now there we go so well turn dark mode on and Youll see there’s the dark version of the wallpaper. so not a ton new with this phone a faster processor which is significant.

you do get an hour extra battery and also you get ip68 certification this time, not just 67 .so it should be more water-resistant as well although Apple never really covers water damage.

so just beware if you’re concerned about that now. one of the other new things we should have is faster face ID and it seems pretty fast.

how to use iPhone 11 price and features

let us try it next to the XR and see what we’ve got I’ve got them both off. let us tap the screen and there you go it was faster than time.

let us try it one more time and it was faster this time on the XR that’s because I think I’m off to the side. it should have better viewing angles for the face ID.

so that you can use it may be a lower angle but you cant use it on the table.  so let’s try one more time and its a little bit faster some of that due to iOS 13.

some of that’s due to the new face ID update that they’ve done now as far as speed improvements it is going to be hard to tell that everything on.

iPhone 11 ios 13 features

a new iPhone is going to be smooth for the most part you’ll see it stuttered there a little bit but I’m installing a ton of apps and background information. so it’s going to take a while to determine whether or not it is super fast.

now it does seem to have four gigabytes of RAM according to Geekbench so there is that which is fine for iOS. it shouldn’t be a problem but some people are going to point that out.

I don’t think its a big deal the pros have this as well as the larger iPad pro devices. so four gigs of RAM on iOS and never has been a problem and should be fine.

but again it will take a few days or so to know that for sure now if we go into settings. let us go to the camera find it down here and let us see what it looks like & see iPhone 11 green price in USA.

iPhone 11 features and specifications

we have got record video at 4k 60 it is going to do that by default and then slo-mo we have got 1080p at 240 frames per second. so it’s pretty good I wish they’d move these settings into the camera app itself.

its kind of a pain to go out and then come back but let us see how good it is I’ll end the video using the camera from the iPhone 11 that it for the iPhone 11 unboxing.

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let me know what you think about it in the comments below about iPhone 11 expected price in the USA how does this article look compared to other posts that I had at the beginning of the article.

so that’s a pretty high-end camera versus what we have here so they may or may not be comparable I’m not sure until I see them on a bigger screen also.

if you’d like to get your hands on the wallpaper I’ve transferred from my XR over to the 11 of course. I’ll link it in the description as I always do.